Why Choose IV Drip Therapy Treatments?

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Why Choose IV Drip Therapy Treatments?

If you’ve never had an IV treatment, you may be wondering how this unique therapy can be beneficial to you. Here are our favorite reasons to add IV treatments to your wellness routine.

Support Your Whole-Body Health

IV drip therapy provides your body with essential vitamins, hydration, and electrolytes to support your health and wellness year-round. IV treatments improve your overall health and wellbeing, boost your energy levels, and help you recover from illnesses more quickly in addition to many other health benefits – all in one easy treatment delivered to you.

Treatments are Efficient and Effective

Unlike oral medications that must pass through the digestive and metabolic system, IV drips are administered directly into the bloodstream, making for a 100% absorption rate. The circulatory system then delivers vitamins and medications to cells for immediate use.

Nothing is wasted, making IV therapy a very efficient way of delivering essential vitamins, supplements, and nutrients to your body. This is especially useful for patients who have difficulty ingesting fluid due to illness or impaired intestinal absorption.

Some patients cannot tolerate high doses of certain vitamins due to side effects such as nausea or diarrhea. IV drip therapy circumvents this problem because treatments bypass the digestive system.

Versatile Formulas for a Wide Variety of Health Goals

Drip Hydration offers twelve IV formulas to address a wide variety of health goals. These formulas have been blended specifically to improve health targets so no guesswork is needed to choose the IV that is right for you.

We offer select IV add-ons to boost your energy, bring you pain relief, combat nausea, and more.

In addition to our pre-blended formulas, we can customize IV treatments to address your specific health needs, ensuring the most effective treatment for you.

You can learn more about the ingredients in our IV formulas here.

Is IV Drip Therapy Right For Me?

IV drips treat a wide variety of conditions from dehydration to illnesses to anti-aging and more. Each type of therapy uses a specially-formulated recipe of ingredients that contains the ideal types and amounts of vitamins for the condition being treated.

IV drips are useful for people of all ages and in all walks of life.

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For Busy Individuals:

  • Direct-to-customer delivery easily fits into a hectic schedule
  • On-demand services are delivered to homes, hotels, and offices
  • Convenient energy boost and hydration for business travelers
  • IV drips improve concentration and focus for high-performing individuals by boosting memory and cognitive function
  • Provides relief from jet lag
  • Keeps your immune system in top condition and helps prevent illnesses in individuals who are in regular contact with many people

drip therapiesFor Athletic Performance:

  • Quickly and thoroughly rehydration after intensive workout routines
  • Quickly replaces electrolytes and nutrients naturally lost during workouts
  • Helps keep competitive athletes at top physical performance
  • Reduces post-workout fatigue
  • Reduces recovery time
  • Boosts overall performance by helping your body maintain optimal levels of vital nutrients
  • Maintains muscle structure and integrity
  • Helps quickly remove free radicals and toxins naturally produced by your body during workouts
  • Increases endurance and capacity for exercise

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For Illnesses:

  • Direct-to-customer delivery is ideal when illness leaves you housebound
  • Allows you to rest and recuperate instead of having to expend energy on travel to visit a doctor
  • Home therapy allows you to avoid exposure to sick people and other illnesses at a clinic, ER, or urgent care
  • When you’re hungover, you likely don’t want to leave the house – Drip Hydration brings the treatment directly to you
  • Powerful antioxidants and vitamins boost your immune system to help fight off your ailment
  • Reduces recovery time

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For Anti-Aging:

  • Anti-aging treatments are most effective over time, meaning regular appointments. Drip Hydration brings appointments to you, saving you the time and hassle of frequent trips to your local clinic
  • Treatments detoxify your body from free radicals that cause cell age and cell damage which may, in turn, lead to chronic disease
  • Ingredients such as NAD and Stem Cells work at the cellular level, promoting cell health and regeneration for natural anti-aging effects

IV Treatments For All Walks of Life

Drip Hydration offers direct-to-customer solutions for individuals who desire the benefits of IV therapy and the convenience of home, hotel, or office delivery. Our treatments are on-demand to fit into your lifestyle whether you’re a competitive athlete, a high-performing businessperson, feeling under the weather, or want to improve your overall wellness.